Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Second Life is not yet just “Plug & Play!” - Message 1

I would like to share the behind the scenes running around whilst trying to set our mini conference event - About Second Life Interview – which seem straight forward to me when I put my hand up to do it. I was “blown away” when Leigh first took me into Second Life and Leigh made it look & feel so easy – kind of passing the buck here! But anyway here is a chronicle of technical woes covering the last few prevent days in the form of email postings between myself Grant, my guest (Harold) and Leigh as follows:

First email: Hi Leigh - Monday, 3 November 2008 9:13 p.m.

Thanx for last chat. Just to let u know I am working on doing your interview idea in Second Life. Have embroiled by Colleague Harold Atkinson (Computer tutor) who has done quite a bit of stuff in Second Life (i.e. he is not a newbie). Last night he was at my place & we were trying to get to a Sim that he likes (but we had tech gremlins not enough pc grunt, freezing & crashing etc) as a venue. We are still sorting out how we can make it happen - problem is we cannot do it from our organizations computers on quick notice - whole approval process, form filling etc - too slow for now). By the way being from South Africa I had not heard of UTC time - so I had to get my head around that too for planning purposes – thanks to Leigh for his words of wisdom on Time issues:

“Hi Grant! This is great news.

NZ is +13 hours on UTC.. so if your event was for 9am NZ time, that would be 8pm the day before at UTC. Here's a world clock and meeting planner.”

Luckily we have found a common free time (in our RL schedules) when he can hook on from his locality (his neighbors pc which has enough grunt) and I can also hook on (my lack of grunt should be sorted today - borrowing my sons pc to hook up tonight - which has good graphics card etc). I did pop in at an nearby Internet cafe today & went into second life but their security does not allow download of second life program (bummer!). I will be meeting Harold again today to firm up when the event can happen - looking at this Thursday at 9.30 or 10.00 am (morning) Auckland time - in meantime I will prep questions etc. I hope to be able to create a Slurl (coordinates) later tonight after my eve class at home. Lots of behind the scenes running about at moment- learning curve! " The show must go on" as they say.

Help please:
Hope you okay with this overall?
How do I work out local Auckland time into UCT time to advertise event?
Hopefully later tonight I can put up a working title & notice advertising this event & post a Slurl link onto the wiki?
Any advice appreciated ASAP - much nervous energy at moment

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