Monday, 10 November 2008

Mini Conference Second Life Interview

Lets be honest here I am still literally bumping into walls or facing the wrong direction in “Second Life” but hey not only has it been a challenge for my mind but it has been a technical challenge as well (cause like your average male my brain is not hardwired for multitasking (i.e. using the keyboard, mouse, headset and the various menu popups or drop downs on the SL GUI all synchronously!).

Just for your FYI the interview guest (avatar: Hat Carter & myself (avatar: Clinty Inglewood) where there at roughly the correct time with script prepared (took a while for us to “find each other” and meeting place. But much to our dismay only one other avatar pitched up – not to worry the interview fell away as we all decided to make the best of the situation and we went discovering. I was shown how to wear a “flight feather” and off we went to visit the platform suspended in the sky above Explorer Island NASA JPL (800 meters up). On the platform is a translucent 3d crater cone into which you can walk your avatar and have a 360 degree view of real photographs of the crater on Mars visited recently by the Mars explorer vehicle – it was awesome! A very interesting sim site – thanx to Hat Carter!

For those still wanting to hear about SL from seasoned user Harold Atkinson I will do a voice recorded interview and make it accessible via a link on the wiki hopefully. I have noted a few of the practical difficulties I experienced in trying to set up the SL event in my previous post – this was a valuable experience which I could not have learnt from a textbook. Thanks to Leigh Blackall for introducing SL to me on this FOC course – pity you did not make it Leigh – but all is not lost as it turned into a useful SDL (self directed learning session) discovery session instead – so no need to be “totally gutted”.


Leigh Blackall said...

Gutsy move to facilitate your first online event in Second Life. Hats off to you! I'm gutted that my connection was blocked the time of your session.. Do you think you could expand a little on your ideas of how you might do it next time? Considering that attendance was low, what do you think you might have to do to increase that? Do you think you could manage say, 20 people in there.. 5 of them newbies.. all by yourself? Even if you were an expert? How might you manage that many in a facilitated session?

Grant said...

Really appreciate supportive feedback Leigh - I learnt a great deal from this experience. Became sidetracked with technical problems meaning not enough event advertising was done.