Thursday, 4 September 2008

What I hope to get out of On Line Learning Communities Course via Otago Poly Tech

Hi Guys

I am a complete newbie to the online communities game but really look forward to learning the basics so I can keep up with the online side of life and hope to meet some new cyber colleagues. I spend most of my day in Computer rooms physically tutoring adults how to do basic computing at the" Wananga" (Te Wananga o Aotearo) in Manukau, Auckland. The "Wa" is a very student friendly learning environment and our Computing department delivers Level 2-4 Computing Programmes in a face to face learning environment in Computer Labs.

The elearning Units Ihave studied through MIT so far have shown me how different online learning is to traditional methodologies in the classroom. It has been a mind shift for me, especially, as I would be categorised as a Pre computer age baby boomer. I am hoping that Online Communities through Leigh at Otago Poly using Wikieducator will lengthen my "shelf life " in education as clearly this form of learning & socilaising is now and the future.

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